​Summers by the ocean and sand comes to mind when I smell Les Parfums de Rosine Ecume de Rose which means "Rose Foam" or "Foam of the Rose".  The rose of Ecume de Rose is a wild summer rose wind swept by the sea and dunes. I have always been intrigued by Les Parfums de Rosine and often wonder how many rose perfumes can one house create? How many variations of rose can there be? The perfume collection of Les Parfums de Rosine revolves solely around the timeless appeal of roses, one of perfumery’s most highly treasured materials. In 1991, Marie Hélène Rogeon's experience in perfumeries led her to found Les Parfums de Rosine in the Parisian Palais Royal. 

Her intention was to relaunch the forgotten perfumes of designer Paul Poiret, (view his stunning designs) the legendary French Couturier.
Paul Poiret was most influential French renaissance fashion designer during the early twentieth century. He introduced a revolution of free-flowing dresses, replacing tight corsets with brassieres and in doing so, changed the history of fashion.  Marie Hélène Rogeon's relaunch of the old formulas and her passion led her on to her own journey of creating these distinctive rose-based fragrances. 

​How perfect the name, Ecume de Rose or “Rose Foam”. I have images of mermaids and sirens, the lure of the temptress, rising out of the ocean, shimmering blue waves crowned by soft green and white foam. Out of this, nearby on land, grows the wild rose, this enchantress. There is an exciting wildness of Ecume de Rose, conjuring a romantic magical image, indeed, of an ocean goddess that just happens to be right next to a spectacular flower garden that leads straight to my heart.  
Lure of the Mermaid Temptress;
Les Parfums de Rosine Ecume de Rose 
“Foam of the Rose 
Perfume Review by Raphael Barkley 
Nympho Image/Art above courtesy of Carol Tipping FRPS.
Royal Photographic Society http://www.rps.org/portfolio/3652-Carol-Tipping 
and Carol Tipping's beautiful art can be found at www.caroltipping.com
R A P H A E L     B A R K L E Y
In the Rosine line, each perfume is uniquely different and Ecume de Rose is no exception. Ecume de Rose opens with a refreshing burst of bright water lilies and black currant leaves, conjuring images of a morning walk in a garden near the ocean. The fragrance then melds into the heart with a fresh bouquet of dune roses and rose attar with a wonderful base of light woodsy notes of vetiver, amber and white musk. 

Press from the Les Parfums de Rosine Ecume de Rose website states that “The woman who wears it is natural, romantic and savage. Her world is a dune in the north, by a summer afternoon, a love walk in the Veneto lagoon. Ecume de Rose is inspired by the dune rose bushes. It belongs to the olfactory family: Marine and floral. The perfume was created in 2002 by François Robert. Ecume de Rose is a surprisingly deep and light perfume, where the fresh note of the rose is delicately mixed with sea spray and sand flowers”.

Les Parfums de Rosine website